"No one came."
—Text from 2

2 is the eighteenth video of the Moon Children Arc, and the twenty-fifth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by lastwords.wmv and followed by the Hubris Arc's h b i s r ea l.

It is the only video uploaded during the Waiting Game.


On November 8, 2010, this video was posted on Jadusable's YouTube channel. The only content is a black screen with the text, "No one came." The video is set to the sounds of someone drowning.


On a black background, the words, "No one came" fade in. The sound of a camera being held underwater can be heard for the majority of the video, but the sound of a person drowning is heard at the end.





  • The video's length and title are a reference to 423.
  • The sounds of drowning and the phrase "No one came" are a reference to Ben's death, and that no one arrived to aid him before he passed away.
  • On March 29, 2012, the video's name was changed to 4ucme.wmv, which was later revealed to be part of the April Fool's joke.
  • Sometime in April 2012, this video and h b i s r ea l were removed from Jadusable's channel.
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