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This article is about the ARG's creator. You may be looking for the characters Jadusable or Alex.

Alex Hall is the writer of the Haunted Cartridge story, and creator of the subsequent ARG. During his second year of college, he decided to write a short horror story on a whim, which evolved into a full game shortly after the story's ending.


Prior work

During high school, Alex and several friends, under the name Consistently White, created a music video for a song titled "Hey I'm White," which is a parody of Kid Cudi's "Day N' Nite." Later, a Consistently White reunion video was posted to Alex's personal Facebook, but has not been released to the public.

Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge

In September 2010, Alex wrote the Haunted Cartridge during his second year of college. The project began on a whim, and he wrote the entirety of it himself, working between classes and at night. After seeing the success of the story, he paid out of his own pocket to start a website that advanced the story. Unfortunately, a few days into the ARG portion, his lack of funding forced the game to pause.

Receiving continuous donations and requests to continue the story motivated Alex to continue the game. After mentioning the real name of a player in-game, Alex allowed the player, Kayd Hendricks, to present his own portion of the story.

During the time leading up to the Hubris Arc, Alex introduced a new forum that allowed the player base to communicate as a whole. The story's final arc was intended to end after the release of a video game portion, which was to be used alongside a new website. Due to the massive scope of the project, Alex put the game on hiatus during July 2011, which will last until he is able to allocate time and money to the project. He has expressed desire to return to the ARG after his film has finished production.

Methods of Revolution

In April 2012, Alex announced Methods of Revolution, a film project that he considers his master work. After raising money during its Kickstarter campaign, Alex began production. However, it has missed its deadline of a late-2012 release by four years, and is still in development.


After Methods is wrapped, Alex plans on returning to the ARG and finishing the remaining part of the story. It is unknown what his plans are afterward.

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