This article is about the video. You may be looking for the entity or the deceased child.

—The save files at the end of BEN.wmv

BEN.wmv is the second video of the Haunted Cartridge Arc, and the fourth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by day four.wmv and followed by DROWNED.wmv.


On September 8, 2010, the day following his first video, Jadusable posts a summary alongside this video, which shows BEN further toying with him. Several more figures are introduced here, and the entirety of this playthrough was recorded. Jadusable begins experiencing several odd things outside the game.


The game starts. As Majora's Mask passes, a high-pitched screech plays in place of the normal sound. On the file screen, "YOURTURN" and "BEN" are still present, but BEN now has an owl save on the Final Day, at 23:04. This file is chosen. Link spawns outside the Stone Tower Temple, where his back is bent to the right at a right angle and a blank stare is present on his face. He looks around for several seconds before an odd glow illuminates the area. An Elegy statue spawns on him, and the Moon countdown timer begins as he moves away from it. A reversed ReDead scream is cut off by the "Dawn of a New Day" screen.

The cut scene of Clock Town after the first time Link plays the Song of Time is shown, but Tatl's speech is partially distorted and the camera is stuck behind the door to the Clock Tower. With no other option, Link enters. The Happy Mask Salesman's first appearance scene plays for a short time before the screen fades to white, spawning Link outside South Clock Town, where a reversed and slightly sped-up version of the Happy Mask Salesman's Theme plays.

Link approaches the Woodfall area, but takes notice of several character models gathered to the left. He approaches them and observes them. Epona is still, the Elegy statue is as normal, and the Skull Kid is idling in his normal animation, but the Happy Mask Salesman's animation is halted, yet his head follows Link as he moves. Link plays the Song of Healing, but is met with a jumpscare and another fiery death as the sky and screen flash briefly, leaving the statue and Happy Mask Salesman illuminated by Link's burning body set to an even faster version of the same song as before. The screen shows the text, "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" as the Happy Mask Salesman's laugh plays.

Link's Zora transformation plays in reverse and as normal, and he is spawned in Great Bay. He approaches Epona, who is signaling something in the water. Link swims in the direction she points to investigate, and nearly misses an Elegy statue on the sea floor. He approaches it, and it begins to glow as Link drowns, leaving the statue illuminated. The game resets.

The climactic file screen reveals Ben's fate, as the files now read "BEN," "DROWNED." The game over theme plays in place of the normal music.





The description of BEN.wmv was originally the entirety of Jadusable's second /x/ post. It has since been changed to a link to the complete Haunted Cartridge story.


  • By the time this video was posted, Jadusable had begun having nightmares about the game.
  • First appearance of Creeeep Sales.
  • First appearance of Matt's Final Hour.
  • Jadusable traveled back to the neighborhood and discovers that the boy who owned the cartridge before him was in some kind of an accident and shortly after, the family moved away.
  • The summary reveals that Ben's accident took place on April 23, 2002. This cements 423 as an important number.
  • The 4:23 event of this video is the completion of Link's Zora transformation.
  • On March 29, 2012, tags "you," "will," "hear," "me" were added. This was later revealed to be part of the April Fool's joke.
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