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This article is about the Moon Children member. You may be looking for the video.

"You shouldn't be reading this."

DROWNED is a mysterious member of the Moon Children, seen only once on, yet never mentioned anywhere else. Despite no apparent presence on the site, he is the only known administrator.


Moon Children Arc

DROWNED was encountered only once on the site, and only during the First Cycle. On the main page of the site, in the middle of an unrelated conversation, a post from him seems to address visitors, as its only content is the sentence, "You shouldn't be reading this."

Hubris Arc

An account belonging to him was found in the Tenor group on Within Hubris, though only the first letter of "Drowned" is capitalized.


Nothing is known about DROWNED's personality.



  • DROWNED is possibly the identity of Mr. D, as evidenced by his status as an administrator and the warning given by Duskworld23.
  • His avatar is a cropped version of "Take My Hand" by deviantART user Phartiphukboriz.
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