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"You shouldn't have done that..."
—Repeated text from DROWNED.wmv

DROWNED.wmv is the third video of the Haunted Cartridge Arc, and the fifth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by BEN.wmv and followed by jadusable.wmv.


On September 10th, 2010, two days after his last post, Jadusable returns to post the next video. He's become visibly shaken, and he posts that he's now refusing to leave his dorm. The video shows an increasingly disturbing chain of events, which lead to the introduction of BEN's iconic phrase, "You shouldn't have done that..."


The game is started. The files on the file screen still read "BEN," "DROWNED," and Jadusable chooses DROWNED. The opening text of the game is corrupted, and Link spawns in the first area, with no music. He makes his way to the next cutscene, but his jump noises are replaced by small chirps. He lands and is greeted by the Skull Kid, but the text is partially jumbled and the cutscene bars flash throughout. When the giant Deku Scrub engulfs Link, a ReDead scream is heard; Link is unchanged, though the Scrub sounds still play.

Link, stuck in the ground and prompted to play a song, plays the Elegy of Emptiness. The screen cuts with a shrill beep and the phrase, "You shouldn't have done that..." appears. The game is now Ocarina of Time, and the reversed Song of Healing begins playing. Link is taken from an underground tunnel, to outside Hyrule Castle, to the Happy Mask Shop. All of Link's actions in each place (reading a Gossip Stone and obtaining a blue rupee in the tunnel, speaking to Kaepora Gaebora outside the castle, and talking to the man and reading the sign in the Happy Mask Shop) give Link the same message: "You shouldn't have done that." While he runs, the screen freezes with the wrong item sound. After a few seconds, Navi says, "Watch out," before the screen cuts with the shrill beep. The text, "BEN is getting lonely..." appears.

Link is spawned inside the Moon where the Moon Children are supposed to be, but they are not present. When Link looks out into the field, the reversed Song of Healing starts once more and the Elegy statue becomes visible. Every time the statue is obscured by the camera's view, it appears closer than before once the view is fixed. Link focuses the camera on the statue once more before an angry Happy Mask Salesman is shown with a Kotake's scream. The next text reads, "You will be given one last chance... Back to where it all began... Come play with us." The Happy Mask Salesman's laugh plays.

The Dawn of the Final Day animation plays before the game resets. On the file screen, the files now read "Link," "BEN," as they were before Jadusable had any problems.





The description of DROWNED.wmv was originally the entirety of Jadusable's third /x/ post. It has since been changed to a link to the complete Haunted Cartridge story.


  • By this time, Jadusable had began to lose touch with reality, becoming desperate to escape the game as he believes it's following him, even when he's not playing. He has also stopped leaving his dorm.
  • First appearance of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • First appearance of the phrase, "You shouldn't have done that..."
  • First appearance of Navi.
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