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"Why is he smiling? The father?"
—Text from jadusable.wmv

jadusable.wmv is the fourth video of the Haunted Cartridge Arc, and the sixth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by DROWNED.wmv and followed by free.wmv.

Unlike the rest of the videos, this is the second half of Matt.wmv, mentioned by Jadusable in TheTruth.rtf.


On September 12, 2010, two days after Jadusable's last post, his roommate posts an explanation to /x/ regarding Jadusable's absence, and describes their last interaction, in which he entrusted the roommate with a flash drive containing specific instructions for uploading a document and this video. The video shows Jadusable's final attempts at solving the mystery of why BEN is antagonizing him, and ultimately ends with his disappearance.


Like day four.wmv, the video begins partway through the full sequence of events. Link is in Ikana Canyon. He applies several items, including the Mask of Truth, and notes in the Quest Status menu that he is missing the Elegy of Emptiness. He enters the Ancient Castle, dispatches several ReDeads, and clears his path toward Igos du Ikana's chamber. Before he enters, he equips the Pictograph Box and views the picture inside, which shows the Happy Mask Salesman and the Elegy statue, before discarding it. He then equips the Longshot and enters.

Ikana's text is scrambled, but he teaches Link the Elegy of Emptiness. The cutscene plays as normal, and afterward, Gomess appears. Unable to move, and with the camera tinted purple and obscured, Link awaits Gomess' approach. A slow Skull Kid laugh can be heard just before it kill Link, its one strike eliminating over six hearts. As Link dies, the tint changes to a crimson shade before fading to black. Text appears over the sound of Link shivering, which reads, "Why is he smiling? The father?"

Link wakes up in Ikana Graveyard with no HUD and observes several headstones. As he does so, the cry of Bongo Bongo can be heard twice. When Link observes the third headstone, the camera shifts to reveal an Elegy statue behind it just before Link falls into an invisible hole. After the screen fades, the text, "It'll be our little secret, okay?" appears, before the Happy Mask Salesman laugh plays.

Link spawns in the twisted hallway leading to the Clock Tower. As he enters, he immediately runs into an Elegy statue and the game freezes, before cutting to black. Text appears, which reads, "You can't run." Link then spawns, totally still, beside the Happy Mask Salesman and the Elegy statue, the angle unchanging for several seconds. The camera then swings behind Link as the Elegy statue's summon animation plays, but the screen cuts to black just before it can appear. One more line of text appears: "Please... help me..."

The game resets. The sound is now pitched slightly lower, making it unnerving. The file screen now shows two files: "Link" and "MATT."





The description of jadusable.wmv was originally the entirety of Jadusable's fourth /x/ post. It has since been changed to a link to the complete Haunted Cartridge story.


  • First mention of Matt Hubris.
  • First appearance of notover.
  • First appearance of Bongo Bongo's murmur.
  • The post made by the "roommate" is full of spelling and grammatical errors. It is revealed in TheTruth.rtf, however, that Jadusable lived in a single dorm, and that BEN had written the post.
  • The roommate claims to have only cut out the title screen, and apologizes for doing so. However, Jadusable claims in TheTruth.rtf that the video, originally called Matt.wmv, was cut in half and renamed. The first half of the video has yet to be seen.
  • The document, referred to by both the roommate and Jadusable as TheTruth.txt, is instead uploaded as TheTruth.rtf.
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