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The canon database for the BEN DROWNED/Haunted Cartridge ARG

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This ARG Is Currently On Indefinite Hiatus
The Hubris Arc, along with any canon activity, has been paused.
Within Hubris is no longer operational, but the community has re-created it (note that it is non-canon).


The day has arrived! The story may not be on right now, but it is certainly alive. It is April 23, which is a pretty big deal around here. On this day in 2002, a young man named Ben was sacrificed by a sadistic cult. Not only that, but his vengeful spirit was sealed inside a game cartridge, which ended up in the hands of Jadusable. And we all know how that went!

So, for anyone who missed it, Alex Hall tweeted something late last year that confirms that the Hubris Arc will continue sometime this year. The hope that he is able to make this a reality is pretty intense, to say the least.

When he returns, he claims that there will be an "information dump" for new and returning players, in which we can catch up on certain key events in the ARG's history. The best part is that these resources may include information not present on this wiki due to Within Hubris' untimely demise. I certainly hope that my hunch is correct.

And who knows? Maybe he'll continue it pretty soon. Maybe it'll be after Methods of Revolution is finished. Either way, I'm looking forward to it, and in the meantime, this wiki will continue to be improved.

Happy 4/23, everybody! - CircleHunter, 4/23/16


The Haunted Cartridge ARG (commonly called BEN DROWNED) follows the story of a malevolent entity called BEN, which a college student under the alias "Jadusable" discovered in an old copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Initially posted on 4chan, the story turned into an alternate reality game when the players unknowingly helped release BEN onto the Internet. In their attempts to stop it, players stumbled across the Moon Children, a cult that somehow had ties to BEN. Various characters and players - Ifrit, Rosa, Alex, and Ryukaki - tried to take on BEN and failed, sacrificing themselves so we may have a chance to defeat him.

Quick Overview of things to keep in mind as you view the wiki:

  • The ARG is on a hiatus. The creator of the ARG, Alex Hall, put the project on hold in July of 2011 to work on an indie movie project. He has expressed the will to return to the ARG once the movie is complete.
  • Much of the ARG's information has been lost or destroyed due to websites and forums being taken down. Alex claims to have a majority of the website information saved but will not release any of it until he returns to the ARG. The forums had no back-ups and the information is permanently lost.
  • Several relevant videos have been taken down from the ARG's YouTube pages. They can still be viewed on the wiki.
  • Within Hubris, which was taken down due to a police report, has been recreated by the community as a "general interests" forum. Please note this is not canon and is not supported by Alex Hall.










The Father





Rorschach inkblot posted on 4chan by Jadusable

Arc 1 is the timeline for the first arc of the ARG. It details the acquisition of a haunted video game by a college student known only as Jadusable. Over the next week, Jadusable would be plagued by the presence of an omniscient being called BEN. This timeline contains a date-by-date summary of everything that took place between September 5 and September 15, 2010. To see the summary, read the article. A link to the story in full detail is included.

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