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The official database for the BEN DROWNED/Haunted Cartridge story Active since September 19, 2010

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This ARG Is Currently On Indefinite Hiatus
The Hubris Arc, along with any canon activity, has been paused.
The original Within Hubris is no longer available, but the community has re-created it as a non-canon forum.










Hello, everyone. I'm sure that some of you may be wondering what the deal is with the return of The answer to that is slightly complicated, but we can simplify it by saying that someone bought the domain and is now using it to continue the story of the original ARG. This came as a shock, and Alex Hall himself has confirmed that he has nothing to do with it. So, for clarity:


Many people consider this a gamejack, and technically it is. But, since we're recently surpassed five years of downtime, why not run with it? As you may be aware, John Is Dead, a similar fan-made continuation of this ARG was started last year. Other, less related ARGs spawned by the community in the time since the pause include EVENT IMMINENT, which was unfortunately cancelled, and I Am 979, which started earlier this month. Check out the new Wyndstrom Wiki for information about it!

There is currently no other news. With that, I am off! - CircleHunter (talk), 7/25/16


The Haunted Cartridge ARG (commonly called BEN DROWNED) follows the story of a malevolent entity called BEN, which a college student under the alias "Jadusable" discovered in an old copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Initially posted on 4chan, the story turned into an alternate reality game when the players unknowingly helped release BEN onto the Internet. In their attempts to stop it, players stumbled across the Moon Children, a cult that somehow had ties to BEN. Various characters and players - Ifrit, Rosa, Alex, and Ryukaki - tried to take on BEN and failed, sacrificing themselves so we may have a chance to defeat him.

Quick Overview of things to keep in mind as you view the wiki:

  • The ARG is on a hiatus. The creator of the ARG, Alex Hall, put the project on hold in July of 2011 to work on an indie movie project. He has expressed the will to return to the ARG once the movie is complete.
  • Much of the ARG's information has been lost or destroyed due to websites and forums being taken down. Alex claims to have a majority of the website information saved but will not release any of it until he returns to the ARG. The forums had no back-ups and the information is permanently lost.
  • Several relevant videos have been taken down from the ARG's YouTube pages. They can still be viewed on the wiki.
  • Within Hubris, which was taken down due to a police report, has been recreated by the community as a "general interests" forum. Please note this is not canon and is not supported by Alex Hall.


BEN YouTube

Jadusable's YouTube avatar after BEN took over.

BEN is the sadistic and seemingly omniscient entity behind the events of the Haunted Cartridge incident, and has connections to the Moon Children. The possibility that it was once a child is contested by Jadusable in TheTruth.rtf, in which he suggests that it killed Ben and stole the name, causing them to be erroneously associated.

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"I can't stand it. I can't even have a moment no think. I want to kill myself, but I don't know how. Have to find a way, before I lose myself."
-Duskworld23 in Wayward Horizon

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