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Jad majora's mask

This ARG Is Currently On Perma-Hiatus
Arc 3 - known as 'Hubris Arc' - is on pause.
Currently, Within Hubris is down. Check the wiki to stay updated!

About the ARG

The Haunted Majora's Mask ARG follows the story of a malevolant entity called BEN that a college student named Jadusable discovered in an old copy of Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. What first started out as a creepypasta on 4chan turned into a full-blown ARG when the players unknowingly helped release BEN onto the Internet. In their attempts to stop it, players stumbled across the Moon Children cult, a group that somehow had ties to BEN. Various characters and players - Ifrit, Rosa, Alex, and Ryukaki - tried to take on BEN and failed, sacrificing themselves so we may have a chance to defeat him.

Quick Overview of things to keep in mind as you view the wiki:

  • The ARG is on a perma-hiatus. The creator of the ARG, Alex Hall, put the project on hold July of 2011 to work on an indie movie project. He claims he will return to the ARG once the movie is complete.
  • Much of the ARG's information has been lost or destroyed due to websites and forums being taken down. Alex Hall claims to have a majority of the website information saved but will not release any of it until he returns to the ARG. The forums had no back-ups and the information is permanently lost.
  • Several relevant videos have been taken down from the ARG's Youtube pages. They can still be viewed on the wiki.
  • Within Hubris, which was taken down due to a police report, has been recreated by fans as a "general interests" forums. Please note this is NOT canon and is no longer supported by Alex Hall. Within Hubris


Jad majora's mask








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Insidiae's first post in Arc 2

Arc 2 is the timeline for the second arc of the ARG. It encompasses the Moon Children side-arc, the Ryukaki side-arc (which is a side story to the actual ARG), and the entirety of the "Waiting Game" before Arc 3 began. This timeline contains a date-by-date system of everything that happened in the ARG between September 17th, 2010, and February 16th, 2011, including the events and discoveries on the date it happened or was discovered. This timeline is an essential must-read for new and old players alike to understand what happened in the ARG during Arc 2.

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Random Quote

"Stuff like this doesn't happen to people like me, I'm just a kid, not even old enough to drink yet. It's not fair, I want to go home, I want to see my parents again, I'm so far away from home here at this school, I just want to hug my mom again. I just want to forget that statue's horrible blank face."
Jadusable in DROWNED.wmv.

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