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NEWWAVEBOSSANOVA.MP4 is the third video in the Moon Children Arc and the tenth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by InvertedSongOfTime.MOV and followed by songofhealing.asf.

This the third video response to be accepted and given an effect during the Moon Children Incident.


On September 19, 2010, just before Freyadutenebres played the Inverted Song of Time, MFGreth posted this video, the New Wave Bossa Nova, as a response to free.wmv. Though it was uploaded before the Inverted Song of Time, it was accepted afterward.


MFGreth, playing and recording his TV with a camera at the same time, plays the New Wave Bossa Nova in front of the Clock Tower.


The intended effect was for the song to allow Ifrit to speak, following the first time reset. The effect it achieved was technically correct, as it allowed his email account to communicate, but Rosa answered in his place. Before her disappearance, she was able to tell Ryukaki a username and password, which was later revealed to unlock the The Truth page on







  • The username and password was later confirmed by Alex Hall to be:
    • username: MattHubris423
    • password: thelensoftruth.
  • This is the first of two videos uploaded by MFGreth to be accepted.
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