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This page is for OOC updates that have been confirmed as being unrelated to the OOC updates on Jadusable's youtube or the YSHDT website.

Entries from the Summary page have been moved here. With all the recent OOC updates, it makes the ARG feel more like a mere game rather than something that is "real". Try and keep the updates/notices here related to sources from outside the main in-game sites.


February 15, 2011

  • A player by the name of Sheik was kind enough to get hold of OOC Jadusable and confirm that all things that Ryukaki does (e.i. log into his YouTube account or contact anyone) are non-canon unless stated on the website or something relating to the ARG.
    • The article can be found here: Sheik's Drowned Topic. Many thanks to Shiek for getting all of this straighened out for us.
  • Hearing word of Ryukaki doing a Q&A regarding the ARG, Mugen Kagemaru sends an email to OOC Jad, seeking confirmation that this is indeed going on.

February 16, 2011

  • Mugen Kagemaru receives a reply from OOC Jad regarding the Ryukaki Q&A rumor:
    • If he is doing this, then it's without my knowledge. I'd advise him against it, because anything he talks about will probably just confuse and mislead other players even further. He doesn't even know the actual significance of what his role in the game was, and it won't be made apparent until the third arc is completed, so I don't see any point in conducting an interview now. He won't be able to shed light on pretty much - well - anything and will probably end up confusing everyone even more. The other reason is that he could be trying to troll/hijack, which I sincerely hope he won't be that immature.
  • A later update would confirm that Ryukaki is planning a Q&A. It is revealed that he intends to wait until the ARG ends before conducting it.

February 21, 2011

  • OOC Jad is having problems with and currently has it redirecting to Within Hubris. The reason being that the site has some information missing or something. What caused this is debatable at the moment, though most people assume it is from the sheer number of people refreshing the site for new information or from players using SiteDelta to check the site.
    • Here is a screen cap of him asking those in What's Your Mask Chatango for help: Screencap
  • OOC Jad was in the Chatango again, thanking those there for the help. He says there is going to be a few announcements tonight and this week holds something BIG for the ARG.
    • Here is a screencap from the Chatango: Screenshot
  • Found out the reason the website is down is because we ate up all the bandwidth. Too many people were using SiteDelta and AutoRefresher. PLEASE, if you are using these programs, TURN THEM OFF NOW. We do not want this happening again.
  • Around 8:13 EST, Jadusable announces the Twitter account over a Youtube message. The Twitter has one post, notifying people of the trailer coming out soon.

February 24, 2011

  • OOC Jad, under the name JadusableH, logged onto Chatango today and confirmed that the trailer will be released this weekend, either on Saturday at 6 PM EST or Sunday at the same time. He will announce the exact day tomorrow via his Twitter account.

February 25, 2011

  • At around 6:20 EST, Jadusable posted a bulletin to his Youtube channel.
    • "Hubris Reveal" trailer debuts on Jadusable's Youtube channel on Sunday, February 27th at 6pm EST.
  • The same post appears on the Twitter account.

February 27, 2011

  • After the trailer is posted, this message appears on the Twitter account:
    • H b i s r ea l uploaded instead?

March 1, 2011

  • Guide makes a post on WH asking for another programmer/artist for the game.Said Topic

April 4, 2011

  • A new message appears on the @WithinHubris Twitter, stating that the game is still in production and we should expect an announcement about it sometime today.WithinHubris' status message
  • Jadusable makes an OOC post in the comments section of his Youtube page in response to kittykat2892.
    • @kittykat2892 Ahh.. Guilty as charged! I can't deny that there have been a lot of unforeseen things that have come up in development, but I guess that comes with the territory :P
    • In my defense, I'm only just one broke college student trying something that not a lot of people have attempted before, and I'm not sure if anyone has done it to such a degree and involved in the way I'm doing it (the way the game will tie into the story and other mediums of entertainment, I want to elaborate on it so badly but I can't spoil it! :P ). Because of this and how I'm piecing together an amateur team to help me accomplish this, we're prone to having issues along the way and such. I'll elaborate more later today with some other stuff as well.
    • And PS, I saw the facebook fanpage and I couldn't help but grin; you guys are the best. I love it!
  • Later that day, Jadusable posted on the Facebook fanpage with his personal Facebook account. He made it open and several members have chatted with him and learned new information, including:
    • Something will happen on 4/23
    • The original will come back eventually
    • Tomorrow (4/5) we will receive an update stating why h b is r ea l was uploaded instead of the real trailer, among other things

April 23, 2011

  • A new message appeared on the Twitter account, stating that the update promised for this day would happen at around 6 PM EST. WithinHubris' status message.
  • The update can be seen here. In it, Jadusable gives us a release date for the real trailer: May 10th. He also includes some information on the game.
  • Jadusable also clarified a part of the update as OOC, in which a person named Elizabeth was thanked. The post can be found in this thread.

May 10, 2011

  • Jadusable, as Guide, posts a message in the announcements section of Within Hubris, explaining that the trailer will be delayed until further notice. The reason stated is the person who was recording the footage has not been returning his calls.

May 27, 2011

  • In a post on WithinHubris, member Kylinn states that they talked with OOC Jad in a PM. Jad replied to them, saying:
    • I haven't updated you guys yet because there isn't really anything to update about, I'm still waiting on that guy to get back to me =\ but I think most likely we'll be able to get something out in the beginning of June. I'll keep you guys posted!
  • Kylinn later posted a date, in response to being asked about the time.
    • *goes to check* May 27th. So a few days ago.

June 10, 2011

  • Within Hubris member MessedUpPro messages OOC Jad through Facebook about the trailer. Jad replies to him, saying:
    • I'm working with him now again finally after all this time, so we should be able to put out something in the next week or so, but I dont want to give a definitive date yet incase it falls through again
  • MessedUpPro goes on to ask how Jad is doing. Jad replies, saying:
    • Hectic, haha, to say the least. As much as I want the game to take precidence over everything else I'm doing, its hard to juggle all this stuff at once, but hopefully we're getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel.

June 22, 2011

  • Jadusable announces the creation of a new, personal Twitter account, @AlexanderDHall. According to him, this Twitter account will be used to announce the public about his current and future projects, behind the scenes, and details on the Within Hubris story development. The Twitter account will also be used as a communication channel between Jadusable and the public, as he encourages people to send him questions there.
  • Jadusable also announces that there may be a few surprises coming along and will be announced at said Twitter account.
  • Another interview is held on WYM's Chatango. The log of the interview on the wiki can be found HERE.

July 15, 2011

  • Jadusable puts the project on pause. He expresses hope that it can be continued "later this year." The full announcement can be viewed HERE .


February 15, 2011

  • Ryukaki posts this on his Youtubeaccount:
    • I want to stress that nothing I say is to be taken as subliminal or as a further part of the ARG. My part is done. But I'd like to answer questions for the people who have followed me and to clear the air about anything I may or may not have done on purpose or on accident. Thank you all for all of the support you've given.
  • Hearing word of Ryukaki doing a Q&A regarding the ARG, Mugen Kagemaru sends an email to OOC Jad, seeking confirmation that this is indeed going on.

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