"I have a feeling I won't be seeing you again."
Ryukaki to Thomas in theconnection.wmv

theconnection.wmv is the sixteenth video of the Moon Children Arc, and the twenty-third canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by Orchard2.wmv and followed by lastwords.wmv.

This is the fifth video uploaded by Ryukaki.


On October 9, 2010, after an entire day of silence, Kayd uploaded this short video. Displayed is a mirrored cipher that leads to his MediaFire account. In the background, he can be heard talking to a friend about BEN and letting his final video upload after he leaves.


The camera is focused on a piece of paper for the whole video, but the view is mirrored. The paper contains a cipher. Kayd speaks to an unseen person in the background.

"Damn it, Thomas, listen to me. He can reach anything, anywhere. It doesn't matter but it takes him time. I didn't want to do things this way. I realize I have to now, though. I was, I was overconfident, and so was he. Just remember, the key to unlock this thing is the one sure way to see the truth. I have to go now. Let the upload run, everything will happen automatically after that. I have a feeling...I won't be seeing you again."








  • The friend mentioned in Orchard2.wmv is most likely Thomas, whom Kayd is speaking to in this video.
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