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What is a Theory?

A theory is a claim made by an individual in an attempt to prove something as true by utilizing observation, inferance, and facts to support their idea. In the Jadusable ARG, a valid theory presents a new idea that is well supported by story canon, and solid observations.

Within Hubris Theories

These are notable theories that have been published on the Within Hubris game forum. Please forward all comments, questions, speculations, and concerns to the theory's respective thread. Theories are organized by their category, respectively.

Many theories have been lost due to the shutdown of the original Within Hubris. However, some of them can be found archived/linked to at the recreation.



Entities (General)

File 59


Happy Mask Salesman



Moon Children (Group)


Wiki Theories

The section hosts theories that players have directly published to the Jadusable Wiki. Feel free to comment or add to the current sections, appropriately. Post theories here in similar manner as the Next Step page.

A Bunch of Theories

First off, Kelbris. We have some idea of who he (possibly) used to be, but we have absolutely no idea what he is now. Very similar to BEN. He could have been young, human Ben, he could have been the thing that killed him, many things are plausible. It's obvious that both BEN and Kelbris oppose us, but we never have clear evidence of them working together. My belief is that BEN knows what Kelbris is and what he's doing, and merely manipulates events that restrict Kelbris into BEN's little maze of a plan, making Kelbris more of a pawn.

Another theory. BEN is actually trying to help us (or get us to help him) in a very twisted way. While bad shit happened whenever Jad acknowledged the statue in the game, notice something in the field. When the HMS pops up, he looks ANGRY. And, of course, there's the scene at the end of jadusable.wmv, where the HMS seems to be in possession of both Jad (Link) and BEN. Could BEN be trying to fight whatever the HMS is? Perhaps BEN is still trapped in the cartridge, and the HMS is the thing that we're fighting now. Of course, look at the eye-like lights in sounds.wmv. While they could be Kelbris', the spacing and shape really resemble and Elegy statue. Did BEN get Kayd, or was he trying to warn him to get away before Kelbris got him? Is BEN fighting Kelbris? More importantly, should we be helping?

Final theory. In "2", the time is 43 seconds. Combined with the video name gets 243, which shuffles out to 423. It's obvious, we all get that. But, I must wonder: why would the numbers be arranged differently? What if the new arrangement means something? If so, what? The clues are all vague, but they're slowly coming together. What if there is some code out there, that we missed? Perhaps there were three. Caesarian Shift. One message uses 2, one uses 4, one uses 3. It's a longshot, but hey, I think it's worth looking in to.

VOTES: 1 L33t Silvie I see wat u did thar... 00:50, January 26, 2011 (UTC)

Majora's Mask Parallel Roles: We are Tatl, not Navi, and Ryukaki is Tael.

In an interview, OOC Jad said that we are Link's guide, much like Navi. However, Navi was not Link's guide in Majora's Mask. Another fairy, Tatl, was. Since the plot of the ARG is said to parallel Majora's Mask, we are more like Tatl than Navi. At the beginning of the story, we followed Jadusable/Skull Kid, and by reading the files, we were "with" him, so to speak, when he first discovered BEN/Majora in the cartridge/mask. Now we are/were (not sure if he's alive) supposed to be helping Alex, our "Link." Now, what difference does this make? Simple. Tatl had a brother, Tael. Like Tatl, he was with Skull Kid when he fell under the mask's influence. The only difference is he stayed with Skull Kid, so part of Tatl's motivation is to save him. He wants to save the world as much as anyone else, though, so he tells Link and Tatl about the four giants. I don't know about everyone else, but Tael's role reminds me quite a bit of Ryukaki. He was an ARG player who was with Jadusable, like us, but then he figured out a vital piece of information that he tried to tell us. As far as we know, BEN has him. Sound familiar?

- Z.Z. January 25, 2011, 20:33 EST

Meaning of 423?

I'm going out on a huge limb here, but could 423 stand for "four to free"? As in we have sort of four giants to free? As Z.Z. said ^, Ryukaki was like Tael, who told Link and Tatl to free the 4 giants in the game right before Skull Majora shut her up. Ryaukaki similarly gave us the hint of 423 very clearly as a last resort before BEN got him. I know Jad already said we would need to do this so its not a new thing really, but it's a new theory on 423 as far as I know. I also agree with the theory that Ben is on our side, but not BEN, as BEN is the same as Majora in my head, the elegy statue is Ben, and he is certainly on our side. Also, Matt Hubris four to free would make sense because (if) he's Link and we are Tatl and Tael told Link to do this.

- Z.Z. on behalf of Biggoron2195 January 26, 2011, 16:46 EST

OOC Jad likes "The Sight"?

I was reading the book "The Sight" the other day and it says that wolves who drown don't find a place with Tor and Fernis, the gods of that story. So BEN drowned, not finding a place "up". Did Jad use this for the ARG?21:51, January 27, 2011 (UTC)Queen~Of~Clovers~AliceInWonderland

BEN is Zalgo?

He Waits Behind The Wall 1, in a palace of tortured glass, served by legions forged from the tears of the sleepless dead and clad in armor carved from the suffering of mothers. In his right hand he holds a dead star, and in his right hand he holds the Candle Whose Light Is Shadow. His left hands are stained with the blood of Am Dhaegar. He sings the song that ends the earth. The hivemind that confounds the living, and perpetuates the torture of the damned. He takes the eyes, the window of the soul, removes the ability to feel…anything but pai'n. Once the eyes have been removed, the soul is removed. The living husk is testament to cruelty and everlasting doom. 2He cannot be stopped, as fear cannot be stopped. He is inseparable from reality, as he exists beyond the veil…waiting. 3

1could represent BEN being trapped behind the cartridge.


BEN YouTube

This became Jaduseable's YouTube avatar after BEN was released onto the internet, he's showing us his cruelty and power.

3right now BEN is waiting (as in the game is in hiatus) lopenash Monday, January 31, 2011 at 22:57:00

The Game Isn't Paused (Again)

We found this out before, but what if the current hiatus (between the Ryukaki arc and the release of the downloadable game) isn't a hiatus at all? It happened before when Jadusable was talking to us seemingly OOC. Now? The errors in spelling are back. The word "version" is spelled as "verison" which has been pointed out in Typo Analysis as having been spotted in the summaries for BEN.wmv and day four.wmv on YSHDT. These were obviously changed on purpose from the original summaries to reflect BEN's influence (or Jad's strained mental state). Although version is spelled correctly once by "OOC Jadusable" it still makes the other five instances stand out.

Before, there was a small indication in Jad's "real" TheTruth.txt that something was wrong and let us know of BEN's presence ("Probably not" was struck out). What if these spelling mistakes are a sign of things to come?

FabledArc 00:53, February 3, 2011 (UTC)


While not a theory, this needs to be taken into consideration when making a theory.

As we have seen time and time again, BEN is seen through his spelling and gramical errors. However, this does not mean that everything that is spelt wrong is BEN. OOC Jaduasble is human too, and he can make mistakes. While he obviously proof-reads everything he does, as to not cause confusion, things can slip through the cracks.

Take the word "version" for example. In all of Jad's work, I have NEVER seen him spell this word correctly, as he spells it as "verison". This has caused an uproar with fans because, when they see OOC Jad make this error, people assume that it is BEN. Personally, I believe that this is just an accident. I use to make it all the time without even realizing it!

Am I saying that all errors should be looked at in this way? No, but when an official statement from OOC Jad comes to light, and you find one or two errors, do not just automatically assume that it is BEN. Remember, OOC Jad is human too.

Anonymous 00:14, Febuary 3, 2010 (CST)

We are Against The Clock Here (Among other tidbits)

Okay, I'm new to this "game", I suppose that's what it can be called, but after looking into the material we've been given, theories being thrown around, and what some details I think have gone overlooked, I have here my theory to present to everyone, unless this thing has ceased without me knowing. In any case, here we go:

1. We Are Against the Clock: Why would I think this? We've been told that we're on hiatus again. I however, do not believe that, and I know some of you don't either. The spelling errors similar to when Jadusable was being "attacked" I suppose, by BEN, have reappeared. One or two may be excusable, but it's still a cause for concern. Now, the second part of this theory is up to chance, but I believe this "game" that's being developed is a ploy by BEN to spread like wildfire. This may turn out true if someone by the name of Jadusable releases it. Thus, this part of the theory proposes that we have been timed for months to figure out something's up before BEN gets the chance to strike out at the Internet and become an evil plague, most likely ending in us losing the ARG.

2. What We're Missing: We currently have an undecipherable cipher and a username and password that leads nowhere, with various people who have been of great help suddenly disappearing. Seems like we're out of leads, right? Wrong. Ryukaki once said before he vanished that the clues are right in front of us all along. Lets backtrack. Arc 2 involves the Moon Children cult and Ryukaki's involvement. This part of the theory can get a bit complicated, so bear with me. Ryukaki said the clues are there all along. Backtracking bacmk to Arc 1, we remember seeing videos Jadusable has been posting. There were two other videos. One of Prototype gameplay and another with some dialogue from Rosa. Both videos have been confirmed to be relevant, but I think we've missed something from the Protoype video. Out of all the kills by Alex, only one of them was a special target kill: James Lyon. This kill occurred at the very end. Was this a coincidence? Maybe, but something tells me otherwise. This "James Lyon" may need some investigation, and again, we may not have much time, if at all. Especially concerning the next part of my theory...

3. Alex Gone Rogue: We were seen a video of Link being slaughtered by Dark Link sometime around the time Alex vanished. I think we've been taking it too literally. Alex was our "Link". Dark Link is meant to be a shadow version of Link, right? I believe the videos showing Link and Dark Link are symbolic for two possible events: Alex has abandoned us, or has shifted alliances. A play on the phrase "You're dead to me", so to speak. The video of Dark Link and the fairy is also concerning... Especially when the next part of my theory is brought into the equation.

4. The Meaning of 423: This has to have more meaning beyond Ryukaki moving into the same place Ben once lived, the date of his death, etc etc. This part of the theory agrees with one above this: it means "Four to Free". Majora's mask had 4 Giants that helped stop the moon from crashing into the planet, right? Now, translating this to our perdicament, I think it means there are 4 people we will need to help solve this mystery. I believe they are Ryukaki, Matt Hubris (who has also vanished, but on to that later), Rosa (who may in fact be helping a rogue Alex against her will.) and one more person. I believe this person may be James Lyon, if he exists in this story. "Four to Free" brings me to another detail we may have overlooked.

5. The Jadusable Videos: The titles are worded rather oddly compared to Ryukaki's, huh? In this order, they are "Day Four", "BEN", "DROWNED", "Jadusable" (used to be Matt by the way), "Free" "2". Lets swap them around, cause I'm seeing a pattern or a message. "2 Free Jadusable DROWNED BEN Day Four". lets add grammar to that. "To free Jadusable, drown BEN on Day Four". We all know Jadusable's videos were tampered with in some way, however. The Jadusable video in particular. Using that video's original title, we get... "To free Matt, drown BEN on Day 4". Interesting, no?

Conclusion, What We Have to Do: Not sure if I've forgotten any details, but this is to summarise what we may have missed, and what needs to be done. We need to see whether this James Lyon exists and is involved before a rogue Alex may go after him, hence the Huntyoudown video. We need to also locate our "4 giants", and help them out of whatever jam they are in, who I believe are Matt, Rosa, Ryukaki, and this James Lyon. As for the game to be released... If it is being developed by BEN, we can't risk anyone downloading and playing it, unless we absolutely must. We are on the clock, remember. Most likely to the date 23rd April 2011...

These are just my thoughts on the matter. Many people who have thought of some of these details themselves helped me come to this conclusion without realising. To them, I thank you. These theories, of course, debatable, and any opinions about them are welcome.

Arcan7 21:44, February 3 2011 (GMT+10)

Maybe this "James Lyon" colud be not actually a person, but a message, James Lyon as in James' lying, or just "lying". That could mean someone is lying.

Within Hubris

Oh my god... is the Within Hubris site the original home for the Moon Children? Check out the 'Read First!' in Annoucements... "The forum has just had new life breathed into it, expect a lot to change in the next few days." Note the "had new life breathed into it" bit. Not to mention, all of our previous characters - Ryukaki, Alex, Rosa, Nekko, ect - are registered. This could be to prevent a gamejack (my apologies, I'm an invisionfree admin and I should know this... there's an option in the Admin CP where you can prevent people from registering with certain names, so a gamejack is not the case), but I think that's the impression the website is supposed to give.

Immortallies 02:21, February 18, 2011 (UTC), edited 10:05, July 10, 2011 (EST)

You have a point. In fact, I think after one of the resets back during the Moon Children arc, the 'the Truth' page mentioned that they were 'moving everything over,' implying that they had an old site... this could be it.

- Z.Z. 21:27 PM (EST)

Theory of Reversal

By now we should realize that the storyline of You Shouldn't Have Done That (Or Ben Drowned, or whatever you happen to call it) runs parallel to the plot of Majora's Mask. But take a moment to consider if we really have it completely, horribly wrong, and that BEN is not, in fact, the Majora of this situation. First, let me explain.

Jadusable has said himself that in the story, he sees the players of the ARG as a sort of fairy figure - the equivalent of Tatl in Majora's Mask. He has also stated one majorly important thing: That we, the players/viewers have had our eyes taken. This is implying that we are blind to some thing, a crucial point or clue. This theory is really binded when one takes into consideration the video Huntyoudown.wmv, for while this video has been taken down, it still has significant canononical value. For those of you who are unaware, in Huntyoudown, we see Dark Link walking around in a certain temple. He lingers for a moment or two before heading for the exit. As he is leaving, we see him take out Navi. Considering that the MM equivalent to Navi is Tatl, we can piece together the basics of this theory: We, the players are blind or oblivious to the fact that we are helping who we do not want to help. Jadusable isn't the good guy here, BEN is. BEN isn't controling Jadusable, it's the other way around. BEN is the one who has been leaving the subtle hints, BEN is Skull Kid in the equation, not the Majora. He is simply a pawn in Jadusable's plans, whatever they may be.

Son of bitch! Who is victim here?! Are we hurting who we're help? lopenash 23:21:49 Monday February 21, 2011 GMT

You know, there's a similar theory on the TVTropes WMG page for the ARG. I might take another look at it and see what other evidence there is to support this theory. Z.Z. 20:58 Monday Feb. 21, EST

Two in One.

I think I know who Kelbris is, and what truly happened to Jad. Jadusable IS Kelbris. BEN may have possesed him and corrupted his mind into serving the Moon Children Cult. Though BEN is at the center of everything, its been proven he is definitly NOT the one pulling the strings, BEN himself may be a puppet, but whether he is aware of this is anyone's guess. That Turtle guy 12:34, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

The fate of Jadusable

While looking at the videos I realized something, when you put the tites of all the Arc 1 videos (taking away the things like .vmw or whatever) it spells out, "Day 4, BEN, Drowned Jadusable" The whole story supposedly took place over the span of 3 days, the third being the day Jad left college, for the final time, so on Day 4, BEN Drowned Jadusable...

..think about it...

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