• Da Mangaka

    The real Game begins.

    No longer songs, no longer theories. . .we go and reach and fight.

    • sigh* My ocarina is wasted. . .or who knows.

    All we know, is that as the time to act comes near, we are to prepare with what ever we can.

    These theories, machinations, facts, foes, mysteries, passwords, what not. . . are our tools.

    We must sharpen them.

    It's time.

    I have few to say right now. . . but I know that if we work together, we'll be fine.

    I only hope we do it sincerely. This is a whole game. Each little piece helps. No piece is bigger than the other.

    A glitch. . .

    Supposedly a Glitch can save us, but also stop us.

    We must stop the glitch of us not cooperating, and we must use that instead on BEN

    Just my toughts. I hope we can play nice.

    With nothing to say…

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  • Da Mangaka


    October 9, 2010 by Da Mangaka

    I might be jumping the gun on things, but in this file I had explained a theory in which Ryu was inside the loop akin to Ben and then Jadusable.

    He is now sending us the last bits he can, but I don't think there can be more from him.

    Ryukaki, you where a great player. . .I'm sorry we could't do much.

    We'll continue on, I promise.

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  • Da Mangaka

    New Schema?

    October 9, 2010 by Da Mangaka

    Click to see Image

    What would this be about? I think it's a Beta Page for something. I haven't clicked nothing. My nerves must be up thinking this could mean something. As a Designer, I know you sometimes have a dump page.

    But. . .maybe these other buds will grow to new pages? Only time will tell.

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  • Da Mangaka

    The Lost Link?

    October 8, 2010 by Da Mangaka

    So we lost our Link it seems. We can no longer use him as our medium. We have to fight on our own.

    I suppose, then, that songs still aply but only we have to play them. I have this odd but funny idea of going to fetch my Ocarina. Might help.

    Also, if that fails or just for anybody else, using the Celphone keys or tone maker can help.

    I'll be back onto you with more discoveries. Hopefully, they will be good.

    I just hope it isn't too late.

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  • Da Mangaka

    Just joined

    October 6, 2010 by Da Mangaka

    What is this strange thing going on.

    I tryied playing tons of Ocarina songs. . .but it seems it just kind of made it worse, damm it.

    Who knows in what dangerous things I've gotten into. . .

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